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Imbera’s operating model enables new opportunities and you can benefit from Imbera's technological lead, advanced product creation and manufacturing processes, as well as premium services by being able to have your electronics packaging done for you.

Towards Successful Manufacturing

Imbera offers IMB technology feasibility evaluation services to demonstrate the advantages and features of component embedding; in many cases component embedding enables significant improvement to existing products as well as enabling new product features to be realized. Feasibility studies provide a fast and efficient means of evaluating the benefits of IMB technology for your idea of product improvement.

Imbera can provide evaluation batches within a short time frame to enable you to verify the benefits, capabilities and reliability of IMB technology in your application. Our design team is available to ensure the best IMB technology solution for your application; the structured design process ensures that technical, quality and high volume manufacturing requirements are built in right from the start. The modeling services, failure analysis and reliability testing services are also available for you along with a product project.

Typical product development flow

1. Product concept from customer
2. Imbera provides the check list for required technical information
3. Imbera provides a technical pre-study focusing on product feasibility and properties
4. Upon feasibility acceptance, prototyping begins and Imbera prepares a detailed project schedule including Imbera's and customer's responsibilities
5. Customer provides components and/or Imbera sources passive components
6. Imbera produces the prototypes
7. Product evaluation process

Our technical team will support you as much as required during the process from product idea to volume manufacturing.