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Imbera's technology can be utilized across a broad range of electronics packaging and manufacturing, from simple products containing only a few passives or one active component to highly advanced modules containing several passive and active components.

Single IC packages
The single IC package family consists of two package types iQFN and iBGA. Characteristic of these packages are one embedded component (from low to medium I/O count) and conductor layers on only one side of the component.

System-in-Package modules
Many types of package fall within the IMB SiP module category. The embedding might be applied to only one component, which provides an advanced substrate for other components on top of it (e.g. the bottom package in PoP structure or advanced substrate for wire-bonded ICs), or several active and/or passives can be embedded in single or multiple layers.

Discrete passive components, IPDs and low to medium I/O count active components can be embedded in a motherboard to achieve e.g. miniaturization or improved electrical performance.

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