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Standard Process for Making Advanced Products

Weather your product is standard package or customized module, Imbera's unique IMB technology enables its manufacture in a cost-efficient way.

This is possible because exactly the same materials, equipment and process are used as when making ordinary PCB's. A wide supply base is available to us, standard, robust machinery is used and the whole process is geared towards mass production. The only difference—and your added value provided by Imbera's know-how—is that components can be embedded in the PCB core, making the product smaller and more efficient in use.

Component placement

The component assembly process is determined by component pitch and required alignment accuracy. Imbera makes the process plan which best fulfils the requirements and is cost-effective. For small-size and large-pitch components, such as standard discrete passives the assembly equipment speed can reach 80,000 UPH. With small pitch advanced components that require excellent alignment accuracy, the assembly is carried out with the equipment having even better than 5 µm accuracy – but without compromising on volume manufacturing opportunities.

Core manufacturing

The IMB core is manufactured in the same way as a normal PCB core, using standard materials. Pressing is performed using standard high-volume HDI multilayer vacuum presses that allow a very planar and voidless structure. Components that are located in the “pockets” of core material don’t experience any pressure during pressing process. Completed cores can be used like conventional cores in normal PCB processes, sometimes followed by additional surface mounting procedures.

Outer layer manufacturing

IMB technology allows the use of many kinds of PCB outer layer manufacturing processes. Depending on the final requirements of the product, additive, semi-additive or subtractive processes can also be employed. Since an IMB core can be used like a normal PCB core, all normal HDI PWB multilayer structures (for example, 1+2+1, 2+2+2, 1+4+1, 2+4+2) can be manufactured.

Thus, Imbera's superior technology enables embedding for advanced applications, yet the produced core behaves exactly like any other core in further processing. In this way, existing PCB supply base can be utilized.