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Imbera's designers support you with design - whether you needed a totally new design or assistance with existing design.

Design tools

Zuken CR-5000 and CADENCE APD are utilized for layout design.

Ucamco Ucam and Downstream Technologies CAM350 environments make use of design files and enables the transfer of the files into format that is utilized by manufacturing equipment.

AutoCAD software is utilized for die level design work.

File formats

Initial data
- die pad coordinates in e.g. Excel
- netlist preferably in text format
- Also .dwg and .dxf file formats are valid

Design work

Initial data is imported to and tooled in Zuken/CADENCE file format. Finally the designs are exported to Gerber 274-X andExcellon2 file formats.

CAM work

274X Gerber, Excellon2 and ODB++ file formats are utilized in Ucam. After CAM work, the manufacturing equipment use these formats in PCB manufacturing.