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Applications Areas

A Wide Range of Application Areas

Imbera's patented embedding technology is the perfect answer for applications that require miniaturization and high performance with excellent thermal and electrical properties.

Some examples:

Portable consumer electronics: Flash memory cards, mobile phones, PDAs, hard disc drives, MEMs
Other consumer electronics: GPS receivers, mini and micro HDDs, display technologies, smartcards
Other: Automotive and medical applications

Applications one step deeper

As you can see, Imbera's technology can be utilized across a broad range of electronics packaging and manufacturing, from simple products containing only a few passives or one active component to highly complex modules containing several passive and active components.

Compact iSiP modules

Imbera's technology can be used to increase the density and performance of existing designs by adding new features. The iSiP module can contain a range of active and passive components embedded in several overlapping layers. The complete, tested module is then mounted on a motherboard as a normal packaged component.

SiB modules

Imbera's IMB technology offers the greatest packing density. In future, even a complete mobile phone might be implemented in a single IMB module.

In summary, IMB technology can be used to both package and connect to the die at a lower cost than conventional wire-bond and encapsulation technologies. At the same time, it enables including passive components such as decoupling capacitors to improve system performance at little extra cost.